11 April: 1. Exhibition: ‘Fabric of the North’, 2. Rainbow Messages, 3. Heritage Crafts Association News, 4. Selvedge

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1. Exhibition: ‘Fabric of the North’

Now exhibiting on BTG’s WovenArt

The Northern Region of the British Tapestry Group are hosting an online, open exhibition – ‘Fabric of the North’
In May 2020, Cromford Mills, the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Derbyshire Peak District, was to have hosted a stunning exhibition Fabric of the North; now postponed due to Covid19.
Dot Seddon : Contained at Teesport
The works woven for the exhibition, and the accompanying statements written by over 30 weavers can also be viewed by clicking the following link to our online Fabric of the North catalogue

Fitting their work to Cromford Mills, the first home of the Industrial Revolution, exhibitors focused on themes of industrial archaeology, social history and northern landscapes. Long-established weavers, internationally acclaimed artists who generally work to commission, relative novices, and children – Young Carers and recently arrived refugee children from Iraq and Syria all came together under the banner of Fabric of the North, an amazing vision of Northern England.

For more information, contact:
Sally Reckert, British Tapestry Group

Artists taking part:
BTG members: Ruth Bell, Janet Clarke (founding member), Michael Crompton, Margaret Crowther, Jill Davies, Alastair Duncan, Irene Evison, Leslie Fox,Trisha Gow, Halifax Square Route Weavers, Colleen Heenan, Gwyneth Hunt, Gill Lightfoot, Mary Low, Sally Reckert, Jane Riley, Barbara Scott, Dot Seddon, Matty Smith, Lin Squires, Christine Tainsh, Jane Walkley, Monica Ward Julia Wilkins
Non-members: Alice Fox, Jean Hall, Shirley Ross (founding member), The Weaving Children (sponsored by Weaversbazaar).

2. Rainbow Messages

it’s going to be OK – ca va bien aller

Eleonora Budden : Behold the Rainbow
‘Behold the Rainbow’: sunshine to come after the rain
15 cm x 11 cm
Mercerised cotton on cotton warp at 6 epi
Eleonora Budden

NOTE: If you would like to send me an image of your weaving, I will post it in the next eNews and the public News page on the website! Keep them coming to give us all hope.

3. Heritage Crafts Association News

iinouiio brings ‘shoddy’ production back to Yorkshire
Industry veteran John Parkinson’s new venture, iinouiio, is breathing life into the Yorkshire textile industry with a new range of recycled woollen yarns and fabrics, the first of its kind to be produced in the UK for more than twenty years. Launched on 3 April, iinouiio, arrives more than 200 years after mill owner Benjamin Law transformed discarded rags into new cloth and initiated textile’s first ‘circular economy’. iinouiio’s website offers yarns made from 80% post-consumer recycled wool, providing colour without dyeing a second time as this is recovered along with the fibre.

Read more at: https://www.iinouiio.com/

Craft resources for home schooling
Looking for some craft activities to do with the kids (or just on your own)? Why not try these free downloadable resources we developed a few years ago with LEAF Education, including feltmaking, weaving, leatherworking, tapestry weaving, Dorset buttony and willow weaving? The tested craft projects are easy to deliver, accessible, fun for pupils and tailored to the National Curriculum. Post the photos of what you make on social media with the hashtag #heritagecraftsathome and we will share them.

Read more at: https://heritagecrafts.org.uk/resources-for-teachers/

Read the whole newsletter which has articles such as ‘Learn (and teach) online’, ‘Crafting During Coronavirus research’ and much more: https://mailchi.mp/09fb08d1bcb3/hca_members_04_20?e=93f0bd8979

4. Selvedge

Happy Easter

How to make your own easter chick
These adorable easter chicks are the perfect way to furnish your home for the spring season. Once you’ve mastered the art of chick making yourself, it’s a great activity for children to be involved with cutting, stuffing as well as choosing fabrics, beads and embroidery.

View the project & complete instructions. https://www.selvedge.org/collections/craft-projects/products/how-to-make-your-own-easter-chick

Read the Easter message at: https://us14.campaign-archive.com/?e=b4676973e5&u=2ecccbd9c19df94f48080e541&id=e3651e5c93

Newsletter No. 15

Sikki Grass Work.
During the Selvedge Textile Tour of India, we met Akanksha Rathore, designer-owner of Kilchu…

Read the story. https://www.selvedge.org/blogs/selvedge/sikki-grass-work

Read the newsletter at: https://mailchi.mp/selvedge/selvedge-newsletter-no-178002?e=b4676973e5


6 April: 1. Social Distancing, 2. A Little News Item and more…, 3. The Beginning Artist, 4. Selvedge

1. Social Distancing

This is my weaving fort ‘Social Distancing’ can also be ‘Just going for a walk does anyone want to come? Too busy’ or even ‘Somebody forgot their phone’

Hilary O'Connell-Social Distancing

Stay well and safe all of you,.

All the best,
Hilary O’Connell

2. A Little News Item and more…

A little news item:

Here is the link to a Podcast interview of Thoma Ewen, produced by Sarah Resnick of Gist Yarn in Norwood, MA, USA. In the interview, Thoma describes how she became a tapestry artist and relates the experiences leading up to creating The Vision Weave Project, a community tapestry project that Moon Rain Centre has done with thousands of school children.


(the podcast was made before the closures came into effect)

And a feel good message from children: “ca va bien aller” – “it’s going to be OK”

All over Quebec, children are hand-colouring pictures of rainbows in all sizes, and writing the title “ca va bien aller” and posting them in windows of homes and apartments. Children are sending out a message of hope to their communities.

We saw these rainbow pictures last Friday when we drove to Buckingham, Quebec to pick up much-needed tools and equipment from the school in which we had been doing the community project ”Constellation”. I was so moved to see these rainbow pictures in all sizes, remembering that The Vision Weave Project often uses a rainbow colour scheme. Thank you to all the children for communicating hope. It really made me feel better.

ca va bien aller - it’s going to be OK
ca va bien aller – it’s going to be OK

Attached is the jpg of the rainbow image that a child can colour and post- you can of course do an English version if you like. It’s apparently become a movement all across Quebec- called the “ca va bien aller” movement. We found the image on the web. Maybe a child you know might like to colour it, and to know that kids here in Quebec, Canada are doing the same.

Stay safe,
Keep doing the things you love,
Warm best wishes to you and your families,
Thoma Ewen
Moon Rain Centre

EDITOR’s NOTE: You might like to do a weaving of it, or one of your own design. I am about to start weaving a small one (15 cm x 11 cm):

Behold the Rainbow
Behold the Rainbow

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all do a small weaving and link them up so that they went all around the world, holding it safe!

3. The Beginning Artist

Social distancing means an increase in ‘Distance Learning’. We have found this website that may help those just starting on their weaving journey, or just curious to see what is out there.



4. Selvedge

Newsletter No. 14

Supporting Makers Together.
The current global pandemic has changed the way we live, at least temporarily. We need beauty and lightness amidst the anxiety of the rolling news, and Selvedge will play its part by promoting makers of handmade textiles through engaging storytelling…

Read the story. https://www.selvedge.org/blogs/selvedge/supporting-makers

Secrets of the Museum.
A six-part BBC Two documentary about the V&A follows the museum’s curators…

Read the story. https://www.selvedge.org/blogs/selvedge/secrets-of-the-museum

Read the whole newsletter at: https://us14.campaign-archive.com/?e=b4676973e5&u=2ecccbd9c19df94f48080e541&id=955b191328

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