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All my work arises out of my mindfulness practice and teaching, as well as neuroscience. ‘Threads catching light’ is a theme of my work – I incorporate metal wire in my work to represent this. For me, it symbolizes the gold which emerges from those wounded places in ourselves when they are ‘broken open.’ An intention of my work is to speak to the beauty that can blossom from within us when we can tenderly embrace those wounds. I am touched by how the Japanese art of Kintsugi gives expression to this concept in the form of gold and precious metals used to repair broken ceramics: the beauty of the gold in the break enhances the overall beauty. Of course, embracing our human frailty also means finding a way of being with our imperfections, even celebrating them, and so I make space for wabi sabi, the honouring of impermanence and imperfection, which is part of our humanity.

I also run workshops on Mindfulness and Creativity.