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After a working life principally as a midwife, I had the opportunity of studying textiles at Art College, graduating in 2007. During that time I went to a summer school at West Dean College and have given whatever time I can to create Tapestry since. With felting, stitch and crochet as foils! I have been on further workshops at West Dean, and one with Sue Lawty at the V@A.

I belong to a small spiritual artist’s group and am a voluntary guide at the Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, both of which influence my creative thinking. I love the timelessness of weaving, and creating design, form and colour.

I work mainly with wool on cotton warp, but also use silk, linen, wire and other man made fibres. I love to dye my yarns mainly using acid and natural dyes.  I exhibit and have taken part in Open Studios.