Blog: Try Something New

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get away from Covid-19 news, but tapestry weaving is a way to switch off and support your inner creativity.
If you need a break from it all, then the BTG would like to encourage all our members to ‘Try Something New’. It might be a new technique, using different colours from those you are used to, different types of warps or thread, a what happens if? ……. in fact anything that you’ve never tried before.
Nothing fancy (and this is not a challenge -there’s enough of that around already!), just work small, even over half a dozen warps is fine as you are just playing.
E Budden partially woven tapestry Energy
Eleonora Budden – 15/03/2020: I wanted to make a sort of mast, very rigid, behind which I will pass a ribbon or strip spiraling upwards. So I thought of using wire, laid on top of the background weaving, attached by hooking the weft under it every 8 warps, making horizontal struts to the mast.
I am very pleased with the effect and it will enable me to pass the ‘ribbon’ in and out behind the wire mast (see next image).
E Budden spiral idea for woven tapestry Energy
Eleonora Budden – 15/03/2020: The ‘ribbon’ is not necessarily the final one, although it may be. But it is definitely not in the final position. Just needed to check that it would work to pass it behind the wires. And it does! I think this ribbon is too short. The other one I’ve made is too thick, so I may just make another before I decide. Unfortunately, I can no longer work on this one until the crisis is over, as I have left it at Morley.

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