2018 is the year the BTG have designated ‘Sound and Weave’. To this end we are calling for members to participate in three exhibitions based on the theme of ‘Sound and Weave’.

The three exhibitions are as follows:

  • 1. A national exhibition to be organised by the exhibition committee.
  • 2. A series of local exhibitions to be organised by the regional groups.
  • 3. An online exhibition available to all members but specifically for those far flung members who do not have a thriving regional group nearby.

* We envisage that the three exhibitions will coincide in the same year.

We are now calling for proposals from full members for the national exhibition. Responses to this call will enable the exhibition organisers to judge the interest from the membership to the concept. Venue/s to be confirmed.

Guidelines are as follows:

Detailed proposals of the intended work and sketches must be received by 1st November 2016. The proposal should consist of not more than 500 words and give details on size, execution and concept showing how the work relates to the theme of the exhibition.

Work can be two or three-dimensional and artists can submit more than one proposal but only one proposal from each artist will be included in the exhibition.

There are no strict rules. Any proposal that the jurors feel meet the simple criteria of ‘Sound and Weave’ will be considered. All proposals must show relevance to the theme and should contain woven tapestry as a main element, which explores and extends the boundaries and language of traditional tapestry weaving.

Decisions of the jury will be made by 30th January 2017. We anticipate the exhibition taking place mid to end of 2018, thus giving plenty of time for the artists to produce the work.

Current jurors are Professor Jessica Hemmings, Nimrod Vardi, Liz Cooper, Cos Ahmet, and
Margaret Jones. The jurors’ biographies are available in a separate document in the
Members Section of the BTG web site.

Proposal details should be sent to Margaret Jones

The national exhibition will also include a participative programme and the organisers will be asking for membership input towards audience development through curator and artist talks, exhibition tours and workshops.

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