BTG eNEWS No. 4 (May 17) BTG: General Data Protection Regulations 2018

New legislation means that we need your consent as to how we contact you, even if you signed the Data Protection form and have been hearing from us for many years. If you don’t explicitly consent, you will be removed from our membership list; will not be contacted by your Regional Organiser where we have one; and will no longer be able to receive the e-newsletter or Tapestry Weaver magazine.

As you may recall, within the Data Protection form, you are also able to give or refuse permission to be included in the promotion of the BTG and to be included in the online Members directory.

The membership application form is unchanged, and the updated Data Protection Regulations are now on the website.

• Any members who joined or renewed their membership of the BTG for the 2018/19 membership year AND who have submitted membership forms will not need to do anything as there is no change to the content of the Data Protection form.

• If you renewed your membership but did NOT submit a Data Protection form (for example, you just sent a cheque or renewed through Paypal), then the Membership Secretary will contact you and ask you to fill in a form for our records.

For the moment, you don’t need to do anything: anyone who needs to complete a Data Protection Form will be contacted by email within the next 7 days.

Please be reassured, that with the sole exception of sending your name and address to the printer of Tapestry Weaver, we will never give or loan your data to another organisation.

If you would like a copy of the information that we hold about you, please do not hesitate to contact the Membership Secretary at . However, please bear in mind that it may take a little while to get back to you as I will be concentrating on updating current members information.

All membership information from last year (2017/18) will be removed (we are legally required to do so) on the 1st June, so if you have not renewed your membership, now is the time to do it – because we really don’t want to say ‘goodbye………’

Paulette Furnival
Membership Secretary

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