CALLOUT: THREADS IN SHEDS – Expressions of Interest

Dear Members,

It gives me great pleasure to present to you our information sheet relating to the 2021 BTG Exhibition ‘Threads In Sheds’ to he held at Whitchurch Silk Mill, Hampshire. 11th September – 21st November 2021

We have created a wide range of subject matter all reflecting on the Mill’s historic importance in the weaving of silk. We believe this gives you the diversity needed to create exciting, innovative and multifaceted work to reflect the brilliance of weaving as a powerful medium in the art world.

We do have size restrictions but this is to ensure we have a wide selection within the exhibition. We will also welcome collaborative work so long as it stays within the guidelines.

So, read the Introduction and please complete your Expression of Interest form today and send it to us at the email on the sheet. The form is a PDF so, if you have difficulty completing it try replying to the email which was sent to you, filling in the form at the bottom of it. If that does not work for you, just reply asking for an alternative to be sent to you. This is part of the exhibition that is open to Full Members only, but we will let all members know of further developments when they arise.

Get your creative caps on, send in the form and get as excited as we are.

Happy creating/weaving,

Hilary O’Connell
On behalf of the Committee

BTG National Members Exhibition 2021 Threads In Sheds Introduction

BTG Threads In Sheds Expression Of Interest Form

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