22 September: 1. Review: Heallreaf 3, 2. Spring Fling 2020, 3. ATA News, 4. Heritage Crafts Association News, 5. Selvedge

1. Review: Heallreaf 3

Frances Crowe ‘Turmoil’ 150x125cm, cotton warp and wool weft. Photo © Shmueli Bell

The third biennial exhibition of contemporary tapestries from around the world

So many tapestry artists are drawn to the landscape as their source of inspiration. The flow of water runs through many of the works. Blue-greens, inky indigos and turquoises of waves, rivers, pools and splashes appear and reappear.

Review by Ruth Bell whose tapestry ‘Unifying Force: the Power of Giving’ can also be seen at the Heallreaf show.

Read the review at: BTGNews-Heallreaf3-review

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16 June: 1. Exhibition: Intertidal, 2. Exhibition: OLD WOMAN CRAZY TO WEAVE!, 3. Captcha, 4. HCA News, 5. Selvedge

I am always happy to send out announcements for exhibitions and events. But please, send me the pertinent information such as venue (including address with postcode and website if applicable), opening days and times, and any other details as text in the body of your email. It saves me having to type it in, risking mistakes and having to email you back with queries, then waiting for a reply or googling the site and trying to find the information myself.
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23 March: 1. Exhibition at Stanmore Library, 2. Wanted, 3. Berta Teglio, 4. Cordis Prize Winner, 5. ATA, 6. HCA Awards Winners, 7. Selvedge

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