26 January: 1. Exhibitions, 2. Call for Entries, 3. Article: BTG Tapestries at Vyne House, 4. HCA News, 5. ATA News, 6. Selvedge

Hi all, sorry I have been a bit tied up and this is the first eNews this year!

I would like to congratulate Sally Reckert and Lindsey Marshall for being selected for Baldishol: Norway House Exhibit 2020 – see below.

1. Exhibitions

Think Plastic: materials & making
Think Plastic: material & making
Fiona writes:

Hi Folks
Invitation to the exhibition opening party of Think Plastic: Materials and Making. on Thursday 30th January 2020 Hope you will be able join us.
It would be a great help if you could RSVP to me.
best wishes

Fiona Hutchison

Fiona Hutchison: fionahutchison537@btinternet.com

Baldishol: Norway House Exhibit 2020

Sally Reckert writes:

Hello to you all,
Please share any of this information that you can

Thank you.

Fabric of the North

Updated talks and events: Exhibition: Fabric of the North
Tickets for events are for sale at Fabric of the North website

2. Call for Entries European Art Tapestry Forum


ETF (European Tapestry Forum) is calling for entries for its sixth European Tapestry Triennial exhibition, ARTAPESTRY6.

The submission deadline will be July 31th. 2020.


3. Article: BTG Tapestries at Vyne House
Lorna Goldsmith

A Vyne Soho tapestry. Image courtesy of The Vyne, National Trust, © National Trust Images/Daniel Lewis

A Vyne Soho tapestry. Image courtesy of The Vyne, National Trust, © National Trust Images/Daniel Lewis

The Vyne, a National Trust house in Hampshire, holds an important historical tapestry collection. Several years ago, the tapestries were damaged while the house was being renovated. They were removed for conservation and the tapestry room was cleared of furniture leaving the room free for a display.

Read more at: Article: BTG Tapestries at Vyne House

4. Heritage Crafts Association News

QEST Scholarships open for applications
QESTDeadline: 10 February 2020
Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) provides up to £18,000 to fund further study, training and practical experience for craftspeople who want to improve their craft and trade skills. Over the years, QEST has supported 130 different crafts, both contemporary and traditional. This year, QEST is particularly interested in receiving applications from those with skills in wood, metal and in the rural crafts.

Read more https://www.qest.org.uk/scholarships/

Read the newsletter at: https://mailchi.mp/d5c37e297ee8/hca_members_01_20?e=93f0bd8979

5. ATA News

The Unjuried Small Format Tapestry Exhibit Renditions 2020 will be open to the public at the Broadway Studios and Gallery, 1127 N. Broadway, Knoxville TN from July 23-30. This very popular exhibit is held every two years, in conjunction with Convergence, and attracts entries from tapestry artists around the world. A show catalog and return shipping are included in the entry fee.

This is a wonderful opportunity for new weavers to participate in an exhibit. Experienced weavers will often use this show as an opportunity to experiment with new ideas or techniques.Tapestry groups may submit works under their group name, which will be organized in the catalog under the group’s name.

The Biggest Little Tapestries in the World
2018 Unjuried Small Format Show
Don’t delay! Tapestries MUST be received by March 31, 2020 to be included.

For more details and to submit work for the exhibit: https://americantapestryalliance.org/exhibitions/unjuried-small-format-tapestry-exhibition/online-entry-form/

6. Selvedge

Newsletter No. 4

May Morris in Scotland.
Dovecot Studios gallery presents an exhibition exploring the life and work of May Morris…

Read the story. https://www.selvedge.org/blogs/selvedge/may-morris-art-life?_pos=1&_sid=56587c88c&_ss=r

Read newsletter 4 at: https://mailchi.mp/selvedge/selvedge-newsletter-no-177765?e=b4676973e5

Newsletter No. 3

Over Under: Under Over.
The Cordis Trust at the Royal Scottish Academy is showing six artists using the woven form…

Read the story. https://www.selvedge.org/blogs/selvedge/over-under-under-over?_pos=1&_sid=7664660d5&_ss=r

Read newsletter 3 at: https://mailchi.mp/selvedge/selvedge-newsletter-no-177729?e=b4676973e5

Read newsletter 2 at: https://mailchi.mp/selvedge/selvedge-newsletter-no-177689?e=b4676973e5

Read newsletter 1 at: https://us14.campaign-archive.com/?e=b4676973e5&u=2ecccbd9c19df94f48080e541&id=081d90fd93


30 December – eNews 40: 1. Happy Weaving 2020!, 2. Article: An Appreciation of Bobbie Cox, 3. ATW News, 4. ATA News

1. Happy Weaving 2020!

Happy Weaving in 2020!

Just to say, from the BTG committee, we are thinking of you. When the days are dull, remember the bright ones, when the days are bright, enjoy them!
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22 September: 1. Review: Heallreaf 3, 2. Spring Fling 2020, 3. ATA News, 4. Heritage Crafts Association News, 5. Selvedge

1. Review: Heallreaf 3

Frances Crowe ‘Turmoil’ 150x125cm, cotton warp and wool weft. Photo © Shmueli Bell

The third biennial exhibition of contemporary tapestries from around the world

So many tapestry artists are drawn to the landscape as their source of inspiration. The flow of water runs through many of the works. Blue-greens, inky indigos and turquoises of waves, rivers, pools and splashes appear and reappear.

Review by Ruth Bell whose tapestry ‘Unifying Force: the Power of Giving’ can also be seen at the Heallreaf show.

Read the review at: BTGNews-Heallreaf3-review

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16 June: 1. Exhibition: Intertidal, 2. Exhibition: OLD WOMAN CRAZY TO WEAVE!, 3. Captcha, 4. HCA News, 5. Selvedge

I am always happy to send out announcements for exhibitions and events. But please, send me the pertinent information such as venue (including address with postcode and website if applicable), opening days and times, and any other details as text in the body of your email. It saves me having to type it in, risking mistakes and having to email you back with queries, then waiting for a reply or googling the site and trying to find the information myself.
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