30 December – eNews 40: 1. Happy Weaving 2020!, 2. Article: An Appreciation of Bobbie Cox, 3. ATW News, 4. ATA News

1. Happy Weaving 2020!

Happy Weaving in 2020!

Just to say, from the BTG committee, we are thinking of you. When the days are dull, remember the bright ones, when the days are bright, enjoy them!

2. Article: An Appreciation of Bobbie Cox

Bobbie Cox Spinning

generous and patient in
her sharing (1930 – 2018)

Libby Sheen, Forest Row, Sussex

I was fortunate, along with members of
the East Sussex Guild of Weavers,
Spinners and Dyers, to attend three
of Bobbie’s tapestry weaving courses
in the lovely village of Peter Tavy
on the edge of Dartmoor.
Read the article at: An Appreciation of Bobbie Cox

3. ATW News



The ATW is offering two scholarships: THE BAILLIEU MYER AC SCHOLARSHIP and THE SARAH MYER SCHOLARSHIP to train two highly motivated, talented, fit and determined artists in tapestry weaving at the Australian Tapestry Workshop.

These scholarships will provide an opportunity for arts or design graduates to be trained by some of Australian’s leading tapestry weavers in the art of tapestry weaving at the renowned Australian Tapestry Workshop. The skills of a good production weaver take many years to develop. We are looking for people who wish to be trained in this wonderful collaborative art form in our exciting studio environment. Tapestry weaving skills are not a pre-requisite for these trainee scholarships.

This is a wonderful opportunity for two enthusiastic and creative people who would love a career in the art of tapestry weaving. Applications close on 24 January 2020 at 5pm.

Visit the ATW website for more information:

Read the whole newsletter at:

4. ATA News


Renditions 2020
13th International, unjuried small format tapestry exhibition
Renditions 2020 is open to all weavers. We invite entries which fit traditional definitions of tapestry as well as those that expand upon the core principles of the medium exploring new techniques and processes. Multimedia work is welcome and encouraged!

For more details and to submit work for the exhibit:

Artist pages: Betty Hilton Nash
This month, we are featuring the work of Betty Hilton Nash. Betty’s infatuation with the rich color saturation that can be achieved in tapestry is evident in her vibrant tapestries. Utilizing a variety of weaverly techniques, Betty is able to portray exquisite transitions among shadows and shapes.

Read more about her work on ATA’s website:


16 December – eNews 39: 1. Showcase, 2. EXHIBITION: FABRIC OF THE NORTH, 3. BTG North Group Hub?, 4. Loom for sale in NZ, 5. ATA, 6. HCA, 7. Selvedge

1. Showcase update

Jennifer’s page

Jill Davies Flow (c) Ken Lonseth
Jill Davies Flow (c) Ken Lonseth

6–23 May, 2020 Arkwright Mills, Mill Lane, Cromford, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3RQ

More details at:

3. BTG Northern Group Hub?

Susan Kay writes:

Hi Eleonora

It was good to meet you at the BTG AGM and to learn a little more about the workings of the organisation. As you know I am hoping to encourage a ‘hub’ in the north west. Is it possible that you could include an item about this in the next newsletter? I am not sure how often you send out newsletters but I intend to hold a meeting at my house in Macclesfield on Saturday 1st February 2020 to see how much interest there is. If you could give my email address and phone number then people can contact me regarding time and venue. 07711704998 If people are coming by train I could always pick them up from the station which is 15mins away. Fingers crossed for some support/enthusiasm.
Many thanks for your help
Kind regards

4. Loom for sale in New Zealand

Joy writes:


I am a distant member in Australia & a friend who (is also distant in New Zealand) has a Shannock loom for sale (see attached image).

I was wondering if you could add it to a newsletter/email ?

Thank you,

Joy Smith.

We do have a few members in the southern hemisphere, so if you are interested contact details are on the photo.

5. ATA News

An online exhibition from the ATA News. Many of the participants are also BTG members. Do look carefully as there are loads of gems to be seen (and also read in the short messages)! And don’t forget that there are four galleries. I will now go and look at the other three…

HERE AND (T)HERE was a tapestry postcard exchange and online exhibition for ATA members, spearheaded by Dorothy Clews. Registrants were randomly paired with another tapestry weaver with whom they exchanged a 5″ x 7″ tapestry postcard via postal mail.

Tapestry Postcard by Lindsey Marshall (UK) to Molly Elkind (NM, USA)
Blue skies, marigolds and sunflowers–summer is here (when it’s not raining!). Hello from me here to you there!

Dorothy Clews says –

Sending a tapestry through the mail is fraught at the best of times. When tapestries can sell for thousands of dollars, exchanging one with someone you do not know and may never meet, undermines the economic system, forcing weavers to find another system of value: that of what interests are in common, friendship, sharing emails/thoughts about tapestry, home, place, and life.

HERE AND (T)HERE joins people that are far apart by fragile threads of communication, whether actual threads or virtual messages. Does it take a special type of person to let go of preconceptions and send these fragile messages and greeting? Or perhaps it is just a matter of where we are at the moment – Here or There.

We invite you to take a look at some of these connections seen in the post cards presented in our gallery highlighting HERE AND (T)HERE.

6. Heritage Crafts Association News

7. Selvedge

Newsletter no. 48

Newsletter no. 47

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