10 February: 1. Tree Weaving Workshop, 2. Finishing a Tapestry Workshop


1. Tree Weaving Workshop

February 22nd 2020 11am to 4pm
Location: weaversbazaar Blackbirds Studio, Forest Row, Sussex. UK

Come and join BTG member Jackie Bennett to create your own unique textural mini-weaving of a tree, on a frame to be taken home ready to hang. All materials and equipment are provided and different yarns and materials will be available for experimenting with. Suitable for all levels.

Details at: https://www.weaversbazaar.com/courses/course/22-Feb-2020/tree-weaving-workshop

2. Finishing a Tapestry Workshop

March 7th 2020 10am to 4pm
Location: weaversbazaar Blackbirds Studio, Forest Row, Sussex. UK

Tapestry Weaver Margaret Jones will be teaching this workshop on how to finish tapestries well. During this workshop Margaret will look at design for a good finish, blocking out, using tape round the edges, backing, framing and hanging to create a good finish. She will also look at how to back shaped tapestries. Suitable for all with some weaving experience. Materials and equipment are provided and different yarns and materials available for experimenting with.

Details at: https://www.weaversbazaar.com/courses/course/07-Mar-2020/finishing-a-tapestry-workshop


9 February: 1. Showcase, 2. Katie Russell, 3. Exhib: Window on Weaving, 4. The hunt is on!, 5. Closed BTG Facebook page, 6.Apprenticeship?, 7. Selvedge

1. Showcase update

Gillian’s Showcase page

2. Katie Russell

Katie writes:
I’ve attached a post that was put into the ArtFund about my exhibition.
Woven Waves. This will be on until the end of March at the Irvine Branch of the Scottish Maritime Museum.


3. Exhibition: Window on Weaving
Window on Weaving-poster (c) BTG-SE

15th April – 2nd May 2020
Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10.00am – 5.00pm
Private view: Tuesday 14 April 2020, 6 – 8pm
Haslemere Educational Museum
78 High St, Haslemere GU27 2LA

The exhibition is organised by BTG SE, and the BTG London Group have been invited to participate. The work exhibited is an expression, both of the diversity of the weavers who created the pieces on display, as well as demonstrating the vast potential of the techniques involved. One of the key factors in bringing the group together has been the nurturing of confidence alongside developing the skills of weaving, and the work on display illustrates confidence and skills in abundance. The exhibition title was chosen to leave maximum scope for interpretation by individual weavers. Only a maximum size was specified

View a short video: Sarah McLean and Claire Buckley introduce some of the tapestries on show

Directions: http://www.haslemeremuseum.co.uk/visit/findus.html

Buses from Haslemere Station:

Spidermap showing buses serving Haslemere

It is only a two-minute bus journey, but bear in mind there is a rather steep hill to walk. There appear to be another two buses, 19 and 504, but they are very infrequent. There are also taxis at the station.

70/71 towards Guildford
M-F: at 21, 37 minutes past each hour till 15.25, then 15.37, 16.30, 17.30, 18.30 and 19.35
Sat: at 25 minutes past the hour till 16.30, then 17.30, 18.30 and 19.34
On the way back it looks like the buses don’t stop at the High Street. You must walk to the Town Hall bus stop.

Full details of bus timetables

For more information contact Mike Wallace at: mikewallaceuk@yahoo.co.uk

4. The hunt is on: Hidden in Plain Sight!

This is a new initiative from the BTG and we are asking for input from all our members.
A recent article in Tapestry Weaver magazine plus a personal experience of trying (so far fruitlessly) to track down a tapestry by a well known weaver, sparked an idea.
It is always lovely to see real tapestries rather than images – how many of you have examined one close up, taken photos, worked out the techniques and itched to turn it over and see the back?
The BTG would like to start a database of any tapestries which can be seen by the public: in other words, not those in private collections. These are most likely to be in churches, civic buildings and other public spaces. There could be a charge to gain entry to the building (as in the case of the National Trust, for example), but the area should be publicly accessible at least some of the time.

We would ideally like to know:
– Location (address or website)
– Name of the tapestry
– Name of the weaver/s
– A short description of the tapestry

Even if you only have a few of these details, please still send the information in and we can try to find out more ourselves.
We are also in discussion with the National Needlework Archive (www.nationalneedleworkarchive.org.uk). The NNA hold photographic and documentary records of public textiles throughout the UK and, once we have some information, are interested in working with us to set up a specialist area just for tapestry weaving.
So: if you know of any tapestries that are publicly accessible, please email me at: paulette.furnival@outlook.com Any information will be gratefully received, no matter how sketchy – we will always chase it up!


5. Closed BTG Facebook page

In case you missed it, we have a closed Facebook page only for members of the British Tapestry Group: a place where you can show off your weaving, ask questions or just see what everyone else is doing.
It is still very new so there is not a huge amount of content yet, but please search for ‘BTG Tapestry Network’ and ask to join – we will check that you are a current member and it’s as easy as that!
I know that lots of members aren’t on Facebook, but it is a great resource: I personally follow a lot of textile groups. If you are wary of Facebook, then check your privacy settings and be careful of what you post but do give our page a try.


6. Apprenticeship?

Katie Dowsett is looking to do an apprenticeship in Tapestry Weaving!

She wrote to Info a few days ago:

I am in my final year at Chichester university, where I study fine art with textiles. I specialise within tapestry I was just wondering if your organisation offers tapestry apprenticeships? or you know of any that do, if you’d like I can even send my work over so you can see what my skill level is at the moment.

I wrote back with some information asking if she would like me to send a message out in the eNews.

Katie wrote back:

Thank you for getting back to me it’s okay I understand and it’s West Sussex and I normal live in reading which is more close to London it takes about 24mins to get to London so that would be amazing and yes definitely that would help a lot for opportunity of the e-news letter well what I wanted to do was to get an apprenticeship as I already know how to do tapestry and iv been doing it for 3 years now but for the apprenticeship it was to learn on the job in a professional tapestry setting and go directly into a job after the apprenticeship as I don’t think I have enough skills at the moment to go straight into a job of professional weaving but thank you so much for all the information and the links you’ve been really helpful and I would love to join BTG group does it cost anything?

Kind regards

Katie dowsett

If you are, or know of a professional tapestry weaver who is willing to take on an apprentice, please contact Katie directly.

Katie Dowsett: katie.dowsett@hotmail.co.uk

7. Selvedge

Newsletter No. 6


Timor: Totems and Tokens.
Museu do Oriente in Lisbon is exhibiting a group of ikat textiles from Timor…

Read the story. https://www.selvedge.org/blogs/selvedge/timor-totems-and-tokens

Read the whole newsletter at: https://mailchi.mp/selvedge/selvedge-newsletter-no-177797?e=b4676973e5

Read newsletter no. 5 at: https://mailchi.mp/selvedge/selvedge-newsletter-no-177789?e=b4676973e5

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