30 March: 1. Exhibition: Inner Sounds PV 3rd April, 2. Textile Society’s Critical Writing Award!, 3. NOA: New Open Call Dates, 4. Two large metal floor looms previously owned by Meira Stockl, 5. TEx@ATA, 6. ATW News, 7. HCA News, 8. The IK Foundation News, 9. Selvedge News

1. Exhibition: Inner Sounds PV 3rd April

Just a reminder that this exhibition opens this Tuesday with the PV at 6 PM.

Venue: Haslemere Museum, 78 High Street, Haslemere, GU27 2LA
Dates: 4 to 21 April 2018
Open: Mon – Sat 10 am – 5 pm
Admission: free
PV: Tuesday 3 April 6 pm – 8 pm

2. Less than 2 weeks left to enter the Textile Society’s Critical Writing Award!

This only arrived 2 days ago. A bit short notice, but someone might have already written something on textiles they want to enter. The deadline is 7 April. There is a £500 prize.

More info at:

3. NOA: Stop Press! New Open Call Dates

22nd National Open Art Competition | Open Call 30 September 2018

Read the NOA Newsletter at:

4. Two large metal floor looms previously owned by Meira Stockl

I received this email a couple of weeks ago, just after the last e news.

Eileen writes:

I have 2 of Meira’s large, metal floor looms for sale. Is any Tapestry Weaver interested? Money will go to support craft workshops to teach and supply materials!

Contact Eileen Akers at:

5. TEx@ATA


Curated by Marie-Thumette Brichard

“Katherine and I also exhibited together in ARTAPESTRY. I was impressed by her work and also by her career. She has a very particular way of weaving her tapestries, playing with the warp to get vibrations and relief, using hand-spun wool with touches of sisal, silk and nylon, and preparing her own natural dyes. All this makes her tapestries easily recognizable and unique.” – Marie-Thumette Brichard

View the show at:


Packed with loads of good stuff, including:

Saturday 14 – Saturday 21 April, 2018 | 11am – 5pm daily
Town Hall Reserve (in front of the South Melbourne Town Hall)
Bank Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205
Free to attend, no bookings required.

Look, see at:

Read the ATW newsletter at:

7. Heritage Craft Association News


Fibre festival in Ireland
As part of the International Fibre Art Festival 2018, a tapestry exhibition, symposium and workshops will take place in Roscommon in Ireland. Events take place 3-5 May and more details and tickets can be found over at Eventbrite.
Read more at:

Read the newsletter at:

8. The IK Foundation Newsletter

This newsletter came through to info. Looks very interesting, but I am not sure. I followed a couple of promising stories, but start with the newsletter as there are images that do not get repeated in the stories themselves.



See the newsletter at:

9. Selvedge News

Newsletter no. 12


Mastering Shibori.
For over thirty years, Jane Callender has committed herself to the…

Read the story at:

Read the newsletter at:

Newsletter no. 13


Consuming Fibre.
In Wilton, Connecticut, about 75 minutes north of New York…

Read the story at:

Passion Flower.
For the current Japan Blue issue of Selvedge, textile artist Yoshiko…

Read the story at:

Read the newsletter at:


16 March: 1. RotW Intention to Submit, 2. BTG Subscription, 3. Exhibition: Strange Fruit, 4. Article on a Textile Exhibition in Argentina, 5. Article: Tapping in to tapestry weaving, 6. Selvedge News, 7. Great British Creativity Test

1. RotW Intention to Submit

If you are intending to submit to the Rhythm of the Weave Exhibition and have not yet returned the form, please do so by 2nd April 2018.

I know some of you have had trouble filling in the PDF form. Don’t worry, just send me the information asked for in the email.

Phone number:
Email address:
Title 1:
Size 1:
Title 2:
Size 2:
Give a brief note of how you would like to help:

2. BTG Subscription

A reminder that your BTG yearly subscription is due on 1st April. Please go to to the Renew Membership page on our website where you will have the option of paying via PayPal. If you prefer to pay by post you can download the PDF of the Membership Form and Data Protection form (the address is on the form).

If you joined on or after 1st October 2017 with an 18 month subscription (which expires 1st April 2019), please ignore this reminder.

If you have any queries email Paulette at:

3. Exhibition: Strange Fruit

Solo Exhibition by Joy Smith in Melbourne, Australia

Joy writes:

I am an Australian member of BTG & even though it is a bit of a trip for most of your members I thought they might like to know I am having an exhibition in Melbourne in April.

I have attached the invitation, which I notice does not have the address or opening hours, how very 21st century – everybody just checks their electronic media !!

Address and Times
791 High St, Thornbury, Victoria 3071
Wednesday – Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday – Sunday 11am-5pm
Joy Smith.

Joy Smith Invite

4. Article on a Textile Exhibition in Argentina

I came across this by accident and though the exhibition has finished and the article is in Spanish, the images are well worth a look. If you have a browser that translates (Chrome does) use that.

El territorio que cabe en una trama (Land fits on a weft – or a weaving)

Una muestra en galería Walden invita a repensar la presencia del textil en el arte argentino.

See the article at:

5. Article: Tapping in to tapestry weaving

Recently I was contacted by a free monthly newspaper called “Mature Times” asking for an image of a contemporary tapestry for this article. I suggested they either send me a draft of the article or look in the BTG Showcase. If they found something suitable I would contact the artist. To cut a long story short, they chose Michael Crompton.

The article has now been published. Michael writes:

Hi Eleonora,
I contacted “Mature Times” and gave them permission to use the image of “Oak in Moonlight “. I asked them to give acknowledgement to myself and to make mention of the BTG.
I thought it might take a couple of months before publication. Yesterday I was in our local library in Lancaster and found a March copy of the free paper! To my amazement there was the article and my image, distorted somewhat to fit a space! The article had not changed apart from a ref to myself as the tapestry weaver and no mention of the BTG. What a surprise!
I thought the paper was rather poor , adverts for the “Mature”!
This is one ref I will not be retaining.
Best wishes

I is a rather simple article, but does actually spell out the difference between embroidery and tapestry.

See the article on page 19 at:

6. Selvedge News

Summer 2018 at Chateau Dumas

16 – 23 June 2018, Tapestry with Lynne Curran

Using linen, silk, cottons and fine wool for their tactile qualities as well as their depth of colour in order to create anything you really like. Tapestry is a simple process, however there is a very clear set of rules to begin with in order to have a really good technique. After a good grounding, Lynne will encourage you to play and experiment with the effects you get from different types of yarn, in order to reveal your own weaving style or ‘handwriting’.

Students will begin making a sample piece, first making shapes, then adding ways of shading and pattern to use within the spaces. After that comes outlining and controlling lines and ‘floating wefts’ as they travel in all directions. Next comes texture, relief, 3D, uneven warping and irregular shaped pieces – there is potential for sculptural, functional or wearable pieces…

Find out more at:

See all at:

Newsletter no. 10

The Master Of Macrogauze.

Selvedge issue 81: Japan Blue, is fresh off the press and getting ready to be sent out to subscribers right now. To whet your appetite, we’ve decided to publish a little preview of what’s inside. In this issue Caroline Burvill explores the ingenious work of master weaver Peter Collingwood, in light of the current exhibition Woven: Unwoven at The Crafts Study Centre in Farnham…

Read the story at:

Read the newsletter at:

Newsletter no. 11

Read the newsletter at:

7. Great British Creativity Test

What do you do to express yourself and how do you compare to the rest of the nation?

It is a joint research project between UCL and the BBC looking at mental health and creativity and whether the latter helps the former.

Take our ten-minute test, and help scientists explore the connections between creativity and mental wellbeing at:


6 March: 1. RotW Intention to Submit, 2. Cockpit Arts – Awards, 3. NOA News, 4. Selvedge News

1. Rhythm of the Weave Intention to Submit

This is not the submission form, which will be sent out by July 1st 2018. You do not need to send images or descriptions at this stage. Titles may be provisional working titles. Our aim is to gauge numbers and sizes for estimation of space. We are also keen to have an idea of availability of members who are able and willing to engage in any educational or promotional activities alongside, such as workshops, demonstrations, talks or stewarding.

Please fill in the PDF and send to

Note: to fill in a PDF click on “Fill & Sign” in the right hand panel.

Rhythm of the Weave Intention to Submit Form

2. Cockpit Arts – Awards

The Cockpit Arts / Clear Insurance Award – This Award which specifically aims to support professional makers who have been in business for less than three years and have aspirations to develop their craft business.

The Cockpit Arts / The Clothworkers’ Foundation Awards – Open to graduates within the last five years, these awards aim to assist weavers to set up in business.

The Cockpit Arts / Leathersellers’ Award – These prestigious Awards are intended for talented makers who are seeking business development support to take their creative business to the next level.

The Cockpit Arts / Worshipful Company of Turners Award
– This Award aims to help an aspiring or established turner i.e. someone who practices the art and craft of turning on a lathe in wood or other materials.

Please see our website – – for the Calls for Entries which give more detail including the relevant closing dates.

Contact Sandie Mattioli at: for further information and application forms.

3. NOA – National Open Art – News

So there you have it . . . Only one month to go before we open. It’s time to spring into action once again! It may be April Fool’s Day, but we are not joking…

Read the News at:

4. Selvedge News

Could be of interest:

Brilliant Banana Fibre.
Read the story at:

Read Newsletter no. 9 at:

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