MAY 2020 eNEWS

22 May: 1. Weavers Applaud, 2. ATA News, 3. Selvedge

1. Weavers Applaud

I have added some more contributions since the last eNews:

Weaving from Home - Rainbows

Weaving from Home: Rainbows
Dovecot Studio – Edinburgh, UK
As we continue to see rainbows in windows, on pavements, and on social media we wanted to share a step-by-step guide on how to weave your own rainbow.

Get the guide to Weaving from Home: Rainbows on the Dovecot website.

Weaving from Home – Rainbows

Rita Corbett - Lockdown Weaving
Rita Corbett, Dumfries, SW Scotland

I don’t use social media so I am attaching my lockdown
tapestry piece for you to put it in the right place for me. Thanks

Rita Corbett – Lockdown Weaving

Patricia Armour - Peace Dove
Patricia Armour, New Zealand

My tapestry is of a dove flying over the ocean to spread peace throughout the world. A world under lockdown because of the unseen enemy – COVID-19. The virus has destroyed so many lives and nothing will ever be the same for so many people. I wish peace to those who have lost their love ones, lost their jobs, and to the medical teams who have a very stressful time trying to save lives.

Patricia Armour – Peace Dove

Aruna Reddy - Rainbow Panes
Aruna Reddy, UK

My last Rainbow weaving

Aruna Reddy – Rainbow Panes

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2. ATA News

Small Tapestry International 7: Elements

This year, ATA is excited to announce a collaborative exhibition with the American Association of Woodturners Gallery of Art to produce an exhibition focused around the theme of elements. As a result of this wonderful opportunity, the call for entry will open July 1, 2020 and close on August 15, 2020.

More details including restrictions, exhibition dates, etc. on the ATA website.

3. Selvedge

Newsletter No. 21

Craft PhD Positions.
HDK-Valand, University of Gothenburg is currently accepting applications for funded PhDs…

Read the story.

Liza Lou’s Kitchen.
The Whitney Museum of American Art has added Liza Lou’s Kitchen to its permanent collection…

Read the story.

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Read newsletter 20:


8 May: 1. Weavers Applaud, 2. INTERCONNECTIONS III, 3. ATA News, 4. ATW News, 5. Selvedge

1. Weavers Applaud

I have added some more contributions, this one is from me, with a little story:

Eleonora Budden - Stories upon Storeys
Eleonora Budden – Stories upon Storeys
Working on the cartoon for a new tapestry related to staying at home, I was drawing a house with a person in the window. I suddenly remembered this tapestry I made in 2016 and thought it was an appropriate image to express the staying at homeness of the moment.

I called it “Stories upon Storeys” because, as I wove it, I was telling myself stories about the characters. Like the cat is about to pounce on the roast chicken on the table by the open window and the lady upstairs is shouting “Oh no, you don’t!”

Cotton warp, mainly wool weft with some cottons and a little cling film (in the foremost window).
47 x 58 cm

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Joan Baxter writes:
Dear friends,
Apologies for the bulk posting and hope this is of interest. Please feel free to share.
On the day the biennial Scottish/Irish tapestry exhibition INTERCONNECTIONS 3 should have opened to the public, here instead is news of the short film I commissioned to be premiered at this event in Roscommon.
I would like to invite you to view the premier of a new short film, THREADS FROM THE DEEP, about my work. The film maker Robert Aitken has created a beautiful piece that reflects my thought processes and inspiration sources.
Robert Aitken has created an eventbrite booking for the film which you can see at this link:
Threads from the Deep will be available to watch online on Tuesday 12th May at 7.00pm BST.
The viewing format will be a facebook film premiere.
He has also created a facebook event for further interest at;
With all best wishes to you all

3. ATA News

Fiber 2020 (Online)

Silvermine Galleries
1037 Silvermine Road
New Canaan, CT 06840

This exhibition showcases the best of contemporary fiber art and reflects a breadth of functional and non-functional works that use natural fiber and/ or high tech materials in traditional or innovative ways. Though not viewable in person, check out the exhibition online to see work from several members of ATA!

Beth C. McLaughlin is Chief Curator of Exhibitions and Collections at Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA served as curator for this diverse exhibition of contemporary fiber.

Touch Exhibition (Online)

UMass Dartmouth
College of Visual and Performing Arts

Check out the amazing online student exhibition of tapestries from UMass Dartmouth!

“I have had the great pleasure of working with a remarkable group of women in the Woven Imagery class this spring; they are perceptive, intelligent, very funny and so generous in their support of each other. For most of them, this is their first experience with tapestry, a technique that demands one’s attention to woven structure and a multitude of variations as well as to the design and composition of color, texture, and image. After they wove samplers to practice tapestry techniques, they collaboratively decided to weave their next works based on the theme of touch, in all its possible references.” – Charlotte Hamlin

4. ATW News

On the Looms: The Royal Harvest
‘The Royal Harvest’ designed by Kaantju/Umpila artist Naomi Hobson for the Australian Embassy to Indonesia in Jakarta, woven by Pamela Joyce, Sue Batten, Tim Gresham & Jennifer Sharpe.
Read more and see some wonderful images: On the Looms: The Royal Harvest

Watch ATW talks online
Watch new ATW talks online including Prof Deborah Cheetham AO and Melbourne couturier Linda Britten in conversation about WOVEN SONG, ATW Director Antonia Syme ‘Treasures of the Royal Collection: The Copland Foundation Nina Stanton Attingham Lecture’ and Kay Lawrence AM who talks about three collaborative textile projects in ‘Stories of Loss and Connection’.
Visit the ATW You Tube Channel to watch.

And much more, read the whole ATW Newsletter

5. Selvedge

Newsletter No. 19

Porfirio Gutiérrez Online.
Mexican master weaver, Porfirio Gutiérrez, has launched a new online shop…

Read the story.

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1 May: 1. All Things Bright and Beautiful, 2. Norwegian Textile Letter, 3. Online Exhibitions, 4. COVID Symptom Tracker, 5. Selvedge

Happy May Day to you all! 💮🥀💐🌷🌻🌺🌹🌸🌼🌞

From Sunday 3rd May details of members that have not renewed will be removed from the Members Directory, Members Who Teach and the Showcase. If you are intending to renew, please let us know so we don’t then have the extra work of putting you back in.

Don’t forget to look at recent contributions to the BTG/ATA Weavers Applaud

1. All Things Bright and Beautiful

Tapestry Touring International (TTI) has a new online exhibition called “All Things Bright and Beautiful” and it is available now:

Christine Paine - Black House Sunset 2
Christine Paine – Black House Sunset 2—april-2020.html

Christine writes:

There are quite a few BTG members participating in this exhibition which features work from weavers in the UK, Canada, Australia and America.

It is the brain child of Jane Freear-Wyld with the assistance of Lindsey Marshall. The theme celebrates all we have to be thankful for, and despite all that is going on around us, we still have so much colour in our lives. Many of the weavers exhibited in the previous TTI exhibitions “Elements” and “Interface”. These are small tapestries of maximum size 25 x 25 cm.

I had just completed a tapestry for a friend’s birthday so my tapestry, “Black House Sunset 2” is hot off the press.

Its been really great having this exhibition and the BTG/ATA applauds initiative to reach out across the world with our tapestry weaving.

Stay safe and weave,


Christine Paine

2. Norwegian Textile Letter

Two things of interest:

An article about BTG member Sally Reckert, by Robbie LaFleur . . .

Sally Reckert: Marching Toward the Unknown

. . . and Baldishol: Norway House Exhibit 2020

The Baldishol: A Medieval Norwegian Tapestry Inspires Contemporary Textiles

3. Online Exhibitions

BTG Online exhibition updates

Weaving Water, Woven Land
Photographs of the Scottish Group’s recent exhibition at Farfield Mill, Cumbria are now available to look at on BTG’s Woven Art website:

Fabric of the North
In addition, some additional material on Fabric of the North has been added, so definitely worth a look! We hope you enjoy them all.
Don’t miss the video!

A non BTG Online Exhibition: Weaving the Landscape
In Latin America and in Colombia in particular, weaving is an important textile tradition that has passed from generation to generation and is one of the most important inheritances of our pre-Columbian cultures.

4. COVID Symptom Tracker

I have been sent this message by one of our members:

Hope all well with you? In case you don’t know about this, you might be interested in sharing with other BTG members via email and Facebook. No worries if not but as you can see they need as many volunteers as possible and I’ve already circulated it to all my friends who would be in scope (at present, you do need to have a smart phone).

5. Selvedge

Newsletter No. 18


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