Rainbow Messages

Eleonora Budden : Behold the Rainbow

A few days ago I received an email from Canada telling me about the children colouring pictures of rainbows, writing the title “ca va bien aller” (“it’s going to be OK”) and posting them in the windows as a message of hope to their communities.

Lets try to reach around the world with small postcard images. If you want me to add yours, send your image to: info@thebritishtapestrygroup.co.uk, with your name, the title of your work and clearly note in the subject “Rainbow Message from” and your name.

To start this off, here is my offering. Take care, keep well, stay safe!

Eleonora Budden : Behold the Rainbow

11 April 2020
‘Behold the Rainbow’: sunshine to come after the rain
15 cm x 11 cm
Mercerised cotton on cotton warp at 6 epi
Eleonora Budden


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