22 September: 1. Review: Heallreaf 3, 2. Spring Fling 2020, 3. ATA News, 4. Heritage Crafts Association News, 5. Selvedge

1. Review: Heallreaf 3

Frances Crowe ‘Turmoil’ 150x125cm, cotton warp and wool weft. Photo © Shmueli Bell

The third biennial exhibition of contemporary tapestries from around the world

So many tapestry artists are drawn to the landscape as their source of inspiration. The flow of water runs through many of the works. Blue-greens, inky indigos and turquoises of waves, rivers, pools and splashes appear and reappear.

Review by Ruth Bell whose tapestry ‘Unifying Force: the Power of Giving’ can also be seen at the Heallreaf show.

Read the review at: BTGNews-Heallreaf3-review

2. Spring Fling 2020

Katie writes:

“Hello all,

The time has come around again for Spring Fling applications. This event in Dumfries and Galloway is growing each year, but the numbers of tapestry weavers remains low. If you or anyone else is interested please go for it. Check the criteria as they change each year so those in bordering regions or those with strong links to the region can also apply.

Last year I was the only tapestry weaver out of 92 artists. But this year I can’t due to personal reasons. I’m gutted, but am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for any tapestry weavers who do apply. Please share the link with anyone who you think would benefit.

Many thanks,

Katie Russell”

3. ATA News

Artist Pages:

Minna Rothman
Minna Rothman’s work explores the challenging issues of migration and the effect on the internal lives of refugees. Using abstract shapes to symbolically represent isolation and broken lines to represent the disruption of many lives, Rothman’s vibrant color choices draws the viewer to her composition.

Read more about her work on ATA’s website.

Vladimira Fillion-Wackenreuther
Vladimira Fillion-Wackenreuther is often inspired by the books she is reading and a world of fantasy as can be seen in the 2017 work, “Woven Graffiti-Hell Artist”. Vladimira incorporates many techniques in her work including the use of hand spun and hand dyed yarn.

Read more about Vladimira here.

4. Heritage Crafts Association News


Investigating the social history of Nalbinding
HCA member Emma Boast has launched a project to investigate the social history of nalbinding. Nalbinding (single needle knitting) was added to the Red List of Endangered Crafts for the first time this year and as the profile is being raised people are coming forward stating that they can remember family members sitting crafting in this manner with a single needle, making hats, socks and gloves. This oral and social history project is all about finding out to what extent nalbinding has stayed a conscious memory and a family tradition; and in what parts of the UK this is most prevalent.

Read more at:

Read the whole newsletter at:

5. Selvedge

Newsletter No. 36

Several fairly interesting articles, although nothing specifically tapestry. But do have a look at the knitted jacket (third image down):

Positive Fashion Designer.
London Fashion Week is opening its doors with Positive Fashion Designer…

Read the story.

Read the newsletter at:

Newsletter No. 35


Folk Tales with Anne Kelly.
Anne Kelly is a mixed media and textile artist, author and tutor living and working in the UK. Her richly layered and embroidered works are reminiscent of tapestries and …

Read the story.

At first glance, Aiko Tezuka’s unravelled weavings look like photos suffering from a computer glitch….

Read the story.

Read the newsletter at:


8 September: 1. Tapestry Weaver No 26 is now out, 2. Open Studios in Hertfordhire, 3. ATW News, 4. Selvedge

1. Tapestry Weaver No 26 is now out

Tapestry Weaver September 2019
If you are still waiting for the post, remember you can see it online at Tapestry Weaver in the Members’ area

2. Open Studios in Hertfordhire

Lucy Sugden, BTG member is taking part in the open studios …

Lucy Sugden - Open Studios Poster

7th -29th September
Baldock Arts and Heritage Centre is hosting Hertfordshire Open Studios this September with Four artists exhibiting and working in the BAHC Gallery.

Baldock Arts and Heritage Centre
The Old Town Hall
High Street

Presenting the artists:
• Dawn Dominic – makes figurative and abstract carvings and works in clay and mixed media, inspired by folklore, the female form and emotions.
• Lucy Sugden – a tapestry weaver using traditional and contemporary techniques and materials. Inspired by the beauty & intricacy in the small and the delicate in nature.
• Mike Rollins – paints atmospheric rural and urban landscape paintings in a variety of media, exploring the blurred lines between the past and present.
• Paul Hillary – paints figurative abstracts and semi abstract expressive land and seascapes in oils and acrylic.
The exhibition runs from the 7th September to the 29th September. During this time the Gallery will be operating extended opening hours: Wednesday and Friday 10am – 2pm, and Saturday and Sunday 10am – 4pm.
At least one artist will be working in the gallery during open hours and will be available to talk about their work and or demonstrate. Lucy will also have looms available so people can have a go at weaving. There will be different demonstrations and activities happening throughout the month, please contact the Gallery for further info.

Lucy is also featured in Septembers edition of Hertfordshire Life magazine.

Lucy Sugden - HLM page 1
Lucy Sugden - HLM page 2

3. ATW News


Applications close Monday 7 October at 5pm

Find out more at:

Do have a look at the whole newsletter and scroll down to MULYANA FINGER CROCHETING WORKSHOP where you will see a lovely image (crochet, I know! but gorgeous anyway).

See the newsletter at:

4. Selvedge

Newsletter No. 34


Three Dimensions.
Cos Ahmet almost didn’t study art. But once he came to the realisation that art was the one thing…

Read the story:

Creativity And Interpretation.
This summer, the Michelangelo Foundation welcomed young artisans and…

Read the story:

Read newsletter 34 at:

Newsletter No. 33


Divinity In Form.
OKUNOREN is one of the most celebrated Nigerian designers of our time. From their home in…

Read the story:

Weaving Medicine.
Textiles are cherished and admired throughout the world for their aesthetic, sensual and functional…

Read the story:

Read newsletter 33 at:


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