Tapestry Musings

This is the British Tapestry Group's blog. Topics range across a broad spectrum of subjects including reflections, questions, proposals, issues and ideas all loosely connected with tapestry weaving and tapestry art. Contributors are drawn from both within the British Tapestry Group and from outside it. There is also a facility for those reading the Tapestry Musings to share their ideas and views on posts via comments, generating interesting discussions. Posting into Tapestry Musings is by invitation - if you would like to make a contribution please contact us at blog@thebritishtapestrygroup.co.uk


Artist's Statements: what's the point?

30th November 2020

This is an email discussion between tapestry weaver Kennita Tully, from the USA, and Nick Reckert, an ‘art consumer’ who lives in England. It raises some challenging questions about the value and format of artist's statements - share your responses through the comments.


The BTG Blog: Tapestry Musings

4th November 2020

Introducing the new BTG Blog, entitled Tapestry Musings.


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