Tim Oelman

My tapestry draws on my interest as an artist in sign and symbol which I explore through my painting and other art work. Moroccan rugs are really where it all starts - the vibrant colours, the intriguing mix of formal pattern and improvisation, the meandering line arising from the layered landscape, and the unexplained, mysterious vocabulary of symbols and motifs. Sometimes specific regional styles are the inspiration, at others a particular motif, but always as a starting point for a journey through a woven landscape.

I do much of my work at a weekly session at Morley College, London but have recently started to do large pieces in my studio at home on a new scaffolding loom.

I am involved with Harrow Open Studios (www.harrowopenstudios.com) and the BTG Open Studios scheme.

Africa Weave (2006). After Moroccan (Ait Ouaouazguite) 'landscape' rug patterns with Mali mosque motif.

Baobab (2008). Draws on motifs from Haouz (Marrakesh) rug with archetypal African tree, the baobab.

Burkina (2010). Based on cotton cloth from Burkina Faso: exploring slits and linking horizontal motifs

Manta (2008). Inspired by Moroccan hanbel (flat weave blanket); landscape and meander.


Pinner, London, UK
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