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Tapestry Weaver is free to BTG membersTapestry Weaver is free to BTG members
The British Tapestry Group exists to promote woven tapestry as a contemporary art form, by raising public awareness through professional exhibitions, networking and regional initiatives, training and development.

By joining the British Tapestry Group you will be able to take part in national and regional exhibitions; be updated with regular e-newsletters with information about tapestry weaving; receive Tapestry Weaver magazine  with articles from tapestry weavers around the world, announcements and illustrated reviews of exhibitions, providing a wealth of inspiring ideas (currently published twice a year in both print and digital formats); discounted yarns at weaversbazaar website.

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Annual Membership runs from April 1st to March 31st. An 18 month subscription (1.5 x the annual fee) is available from October 1st each year for new members.
NB: If you join a few days before October 1st, you will be charged the yearly fee, only valid until the following March 31st. Similarly, if joining before before April 1st, you will be charged the 18 month fee.

The British Tapestry Group offers several membership categories. View the full matrix: BTG Membership Benefits matrix

Full UK Member £35: This level of membership is for practising weavers. You receive the maximum level of benefits of belonging to the British Tapestry Group, including the opportunity to submit work to exhibitions, display your work on the web site, participate in studio trails and advertise your workshops. And of course you receive two issues of TW each year. We encourage Full Members to actively support the committee and regional groups in order to help develop and enhance BTG’s profile.

Student UK Member £20: To demonstrate that the British Tapestry Group welcomes and encourages student weavers you will receive the majority of benefits of being a full member at a reduced price if you are a full time student.

Full Rest of the World (including Europe) £40: We want you to have as many of the benefits of full membership as distance allows. We also need to charge a bit more to cover postal costs.

Associate Member UK £25: You may be just starting to weave or interested in woven art and want to find out more. The British Tapestry Group is delighted to welcome you as an Associate Member and provide you with a network of weavers so that you may develop your tapestry weaving skills and knowledge.

Associate Group UK £45: This category of membership allows groups who are interested in woven art to participate in British Tapestry Group activities. The group will nominate one of their members as the BTG contact. They will also receive two copies of TW each year.

You can pay by post with a cheque; or online with PayPal, cheque or bank transfer.

By post: download the PDF of the Membership Form and Data Protection form and post it to us with a cheque made payable to “The British Tapestry Group”. The address is on the form.

Online: please click the Membership form button to complete your personal details, then click ‘Submit’ to continue to the payment page.

New Membership form  - 1 April to 30 September = yearly fee; 1 October to 31 March = 18-month fee

Membership   Renewal  - Existing members may renew early from March 1st.

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