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This is the British Tapestry Group's blog. Topics range across a broad spectrum of subjects including reflections, questions, proposals, issues and ideas all loosely connected with tapestry weaving and tapestry art. Contributors are drawn from both within the British Tapestry Group and from outside it. There is also a facility for those reading the Tapestry Musings to share their ideas and views on posts via comments, generating interesting discussions. Posting into Tapestry Musings is by invitation - if you would like to make a contribution please contact us at blog@thebritishtapestrygroup.co.uk


Untitled, unattributed

31st March 2024

How does one look at a publicly hung artwork that has no name, title or artist’s statement? This makes us passive viewers. Artworks are labelled for our benefit encouraging us first to peer intently at what’s written on the card beside the work we should be focusing on. The name of the artist gives us a starting point — Monet, a name we know, ‘Waterlillies’, tick, we look and move on like twitchers ticking off a list of must-see birds. But what if there are no titles or names? How should we react? 


Tapestry weaving - a collaborative activity?

5th September 2023

Tapestry weaving is a highly personal, creative process. Can it be enhanced through collaboration and, if so, what might the success factors of building tapestry weaving communities be? 

Image: Members of the Scottish Regional Group at a meeting in August 2023


Funding for tapestry weaving

26th May 2023

In an era of high inflation and with many budgets constrained, what opportunities are there for tapestry weaving to secure a small slice of the funding cake and how best to go about getting it?

(Image left: The Red Weave (detail) by Gyllian Thompson. Photo © Colin Hattersley)


Definitions of woven tapestry

10th September 2022

What is a woven tapestry? The BTG has a clear definition and yet it exhibits textiles that do not conform to it. Should the definition be changed or should there be greater strictness about what is accept as woven tapestry?


How to price tapestries for sale?

31st March 2022

How do you determine the financial value of a unique, hand-woven tapestry, without, on the one hand, pricing it out of reach or, on the other, devaluing it in order to get a sale?


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