Earth Threads at Sunbury Embroidery Gallery

The British Tapestry Group Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 14 October 2023 at 4PM BST (GMT+1) via Zoom.
Image: Part of an ongoing project: The Diary of a Tapestry Weaver by Eleonora Budden

BTG South East Region: 'Earth Threads' is a touring exhibition, opening at the historic Whitchurch Silk Mill in Hampshire on 9 September 2023

The Scotland Region exhibition "Under the Influence" will open at Dunblane Museum on 2 June 2023 (details on the Exhibition page)

Image credits: Louise Oppenheimer, Veronica Collins, Angela Waterworth, Lyn Dunnachie, Sabine Hyland and Siobhan Ratchford.

The London Region of The British Tapestry Group 2023 Exhibition: “Woven Worlds - Contemporary Tapestry Art” - has now ended. If you missed it, it will becoming online in due course. Watch this space!

Matty Smith, Oxfordshire, UK: "I dream; I watch; I see; I plan; I explore; I experiment.... I weave. Repeat."

Peace Dove by Patricia Armour is just one of the entries in 'Weavers Applaud', a British Tapestry Group - American Tapestry Alliance joint initiative 

BTG National exhibition 'Threads in Sheds' is now on in our Online Exhibitions space where you can walk the virtual galleries, zoom in on individual works and read about the artists.
Image: ‘Twenty Shades of Silk’ (work in progress)  Anne-Kirsti Espenes

BTG held its annual AGM in Sedbergh, Cumbria on Saturday 8 October 2022, 10:30 - 12:30 and, after a lunch break,
we headed over to Farfield Mill for the 'Meet the Makers' event 14:00 - 16:00 at the 'Waterline' Exhibition.

'Window on Weaving' goes online: this new feature enables us to curate tapestry art into display 'walls', as they would be in an actual exhibition.

Mike Wallace, Hampshire: "I take inspiration from both geometric forms with their inherent symmetry, and also from the more irregular shapes, textures and colours of the environment around us."

Kevin Halliwell, Edinburgh: "I am especially interested in the cutting and shaping of tufted (turkish knot) yarn and other manipulations in order to create interesting and striking surface textures."

Gillian Morris, Clackmannanshire, Central Scotland: "My tapestry weavings often focus upon reinterpreting natural forms and surfaces through abstraction. I create around the theme of reinvention, of creating new relationships and ways of seeing."

Jennifer Woolnough, Hertfordshire: "I am a textile artist currently drawing inspiration from the movement of water, attempting to capture fleeting images in the form of abstract shapes from the ebb and flow and light upon the surface."

Welcome to The British Tapestry Group

Welcome to our website where we will show you what we have to offer. We are an enthusiastic and growing organisation whose aims are to:

  • Raise the profile of woven tapestry as an art form
  • Increase awareness of the process and scope of woven tapestry
  • Provide a support and communication network for artists working in woven tapestry
  • Circulate information about exhibitions, events and commissions
  • Offer opportunities for exhibiting in both national and regional exhibitions
  • Provide information about weavers who teach and those who welcome visitors

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Artist of the day: Christine Sawyer

I trained in fine art and taught for some years before becoming a full time tapestry weaver in the mid 1980's. I exhibit here and abroad, and have been  commissioned by, among others, Coca Cola Schweppes and the House of Lords.

My work is a response to a specific environment, occurrence, or current obsession  and is a  mixture of observation, memory, and imagination

In 2010 I received a Theo Moorman Trust award to make new work from a series of large graphite drawings, which reflect concerns for the natural world: changes in weather patterns, waste, and the loss of resources.

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