Gillian Morris

Instagram: weaveprintrepeat

Facebook Artist Page: WeavePrint

I first encountered tapestry weaving at Edinburgh College of Art where I was a student. From learning the technique there, I have continued to attend numerous short courses by Louise Martin, which has helped me to extend my techniques. More recently I have been increasingly experimental with my weaving which I plan to develop further. I also enjoy printmaking which can influence my tapestry weaving.

My subject matter comes from my love of nature and the natural world especially the coastline. Fossils, stones, rock and shells are all rich sources of inspiration for me. My tapestry weavings often focus upon reinterpreting natural forms and surfaces through abstraction. I create around the theme of reinvention, of creating new relationships and ways of seeing.

When weaving, I like to explore shape, line, colour with texture in contemporary ways. I use a mix of plant, animal and synthetic yarns and fibres including linen, cotton, silk and wool with a range of unusual threads. Each woven tapestry evolves from an extensive creative process including sketching, drawing, and hand printmaking to help create impactful imagery.

Clackmannanshire, Central Scotland
Open Studio: Wasps Factory, Glasgow
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