Online Exhibitions

Online exhibitions are presented in a format similar to the 'in person' exhibition experience. You walk to a wall, and see all the works in their relative sizes. One catches your eye, so you approach it (tap the image) and focus on it, read about it and zoom in to see more detail. Then move to the next work or step back (close zoom mode) and go on to the next wall.

To view the exhibition as designed, please ensure that you have your browser's zoom setting set to 100%. On most modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge you can reset it to 100% by holding the Ctrl key and pressing 0 (zero) if you use Windows. On a Mac hold the Command key and press 0.

If the text seems too large or too small, you may wish to check the font size settings on your computer. Instructions for Windows users can be found here

Viewing is best in landscape mode. With mobile phones portrait view is best; move down to see exhibits on the wall, or use the navigation bar to move between walls.

Once in the exhibition, if you need help navigating, tap the button you will see at the top of the walls.

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