One Benefit of BTG Membership is receiving a copy of Tapestry Weaver through your letterbox twice-a-year. It is also archived in digital format for members to read past issues.

Read why and how we choose to express our thoughts through a medium that requires the ability to create, develop and sustain an internal, extended dialogue over a considerable period of time. How do we weave the images to share these thoughts with the viewer?

Contribute your thoughts. Where can tapestries be seen in public spaces? Who is commissioning and creating tapestries today, and why? Who are the artists, past and present, that resonate with you today? How and where can you learn to weave?

Are you a professional tapestry weaver? How do you make a living from your craft? Do you weave for your own pleasure whilst enjoying the company of others practising the craft of tapestry?

Here are a few examples of articles that you might find in Tapestry Weaver.

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