The Many Faces of Soumak

The Many Faces of Soumak is a comprehensive online course with “forever” access  including  pre-recorded videos, written content, illustrations, PDF’s and slide shows for each module. The 6 modules are Single Oriental Soumak, Vertical Soumak, Double Soumak, More Double Soumak Variations, Knots, and Advanced Variations. The course is open for immediate enrolment with no start and end date. New modules open every 2 weeks from the time of enrolment; the entire course lasts approximately 12 weeks. There are no assignments; however, students are encouraged to share their work for feedback.

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Tapestry Weaving Intermediate - 20 May to 24 June 2021

Thursdays 9:30 – 12:30

This course is for those who have already done a 6-week course with Paula, and are fluent with warping up a frame independently (Or for anyone new to Cambridge Art Makers who can demonstrate their proficiency of the same). Paula intends this course to be student led so that  individual interests can be pursued. She will demonstrate further techniques such as more  advanced colour blending, creating overlapping shapes with transparency and shading. Participants will be guided to create a simple design of their own and learn how to interpret it.

Full details and to book on the Cambridge Art Makers website


Tapestry Weaving Beginners - 19 June 2021

Saturday 19 June10:00 - 16:00

This relaxed and fun taster day will demonstrate the basics of tapestry weaving. By the end of the day, you will have woven a small textured sample in colours of your choice, unique to each participant.

This course should be of particular interest to those considering a 6 week Tapestry Weaving course with Paula in the future. It’s a super opportunity to find out what it is all about before committing to the full exploration!

No previous experience is required.

Full details and to book on the Cambridge Art Makers website

South Hamar studio, Westray, Orkney - 16 to 20 August 2021

Louise Martin- Tapestry weaver.

Ros Bryant - Tapestry and stone.

Hazel Moore and Graeme Wilson- Archaeologists who have led many excavations on Westray.

The Westray landscape abounds with evidence of human life and work from the Neolithic to the present. We will make visits to known sites and others that remain covert, and have access to finds. In the field and back in the studio, we will be experimenting with different ways to express our responses within the language of weave.

Suitable for people with or without experience of weaving.

Workshop fee £400

For further details or to book a place, contact: or


South Hamar studio, Westray, Orkney - 30 May to 3 June 2022

Ros Bryant and Louise Martin

Come and explore the 'Queen' of the Orkney Isles.

As we work on Westray’s white sandy beaches or the high, nesting cliffs of Noup, bird life will fill the air. Through daily excursions we will discover the islands riches, both past and present, finding new ways to capture landscape in weave.

The course is suitable for new or experienced weavers who are keen to explore.

Workshop fee £380

For further details or to book a place, contact: or


South Hamar studio, Westray, Orkney - 8 to 12 August 2022

Weave and Stone

with Louise Martin and Ros Bryant

This unique course is an exciting collaboration between a tapestry weaver and a stone carver.

We will begin in weave, maybe binding stone, weighting warps, interpreting texture, colour and marks -  and progress to making marks on stone - scoring, chiselling, polishing, drilling in a two-way dialogue between the elements.

Workshop fee £400

For further details or to book a place, contact: or


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