Gardner Muirhead

Travel is integral to my creative process; Germany - mostly Berlin - is a constant inspiration for my work where I source photographs, vintage magazines and print ephemera in flea markets, antique shops and junk yards. I use these found treasures alongside my own painting, photography and printmaking to create collage, assemblage, and digital prints. I also teach Art and Design full time in Secondary Education / Glasgow.  

I studied tapestry in the 1980’s at Edinburgh College of Art and only recently returned to the medium during lockdown 2020.

The tapestries I’ve made over the last two years have been a series of small scale works with different approaches to weaving - some representational and others more textural and abstract. I’ve been interested to see how I can incorporate tapestry into my creative output. Returning to tapestry has been a rewarding experience and I am excited to keep developing my skills and see what the future brings.

Glasgow, Scotland, UK
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