Tapestry 'Celebrations' 2020

The British Tapestry Group is inviting all tapestry weavers to ‘celebrate’ your 'Midwinter / End of Year' festivities with us by weaving a small tapestry with your chosen theme. These will be shown here so anybody who visits the website can share the joy, be motivated towards a colourful Festive Season and give a happiness boost towards the New Year.  

The emphasis is on ‘celebration’ and ‘positivity’, however you would like to illustrate it for us. It could be Diwali candles or fireworks, a Christmas tree bauble, or a bursting shoot from a bulb, whatever resonates as a ‘Celebration’.

Send your image, with your name and country, the size and title and what it means for you (up to 80 words), with the subject marked 'Tapestry Celebrations' to:  webmanager@thebritishtapestrygroup.co.uk. Some have asked what are the deadlines. The answer is, there are none, but it would be nice to get as many contributions as possible before the end of the year.

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