Review: Anatomy of a Tapestry: Techniques, Materials, Care

Anatomy of a Tapestry
Anatomy of a Tapestry

Jean Pierre Larochette and Yadin Larochette

illustrated by Yael Lurie

Schiffer Publishing, 2020


ISBN 9780764359330

Review by Sally Reckert, July 2020

‘Anatomy of a Tapestry: Techniques, Materials, Care’ is a spiral-bound hardcover book in a landscape format. This format suits the layout for technique as the book remains open and flat to work from. There are hand-drawn diagrams and cotton weft front and back samples on the left, and verbal appraisal of the technique with large, woven examples in colour on the right. However, the section on techniques occupies only a third of the book, and this is not an instruction manual.

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