News: BTG Launches new Online Exhibition feature

BTG Launches new Online Exhibition feature

We often get invited to view 'online exhibitions' but the BTG have taken this concept a step further.

A new feature on our website enables us to curate tapestry art into display 'walls', as they would be in an actual exhibition. By viewing entire walls, with artworks displayed at relative sizes, a much truer impression of the exhibition is gained than when viewing individual works in isolation. We believe this will give viewers of the online exhibition, a much richer and more meaningful sense of what tapestry art is.

The first event to be curated on our website is Window on Weaving, an exhibition held at Haslemere Educational Museum recently. Below is a screen image of one of the walls of the Window on Weaving exhibition.

Each online exhibition has a Foyer, with information about the event, a series of walls on which the works are displayed and an artists wall at the end, giving access to details about how they can be contacted or where more of their work can be seen. Clicking on a work brings up a detailed view as well as further information about it (size, price, artists comments). 

The online exhibition will be launched publicly on our website today. Visit it at Online Exhibitions, Then click on the Window on Weaving exhibition.

We are very excited about this new feature, which aims to bring the experience of a tapestry exhibition right into the heart of the home. It will extend inclusivity to those unable to attend an actual venue and provide a platform for exhibitions that would otherwise never be seen. 

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