Event: Window on Weaving

Window on Weaving - an exhibition of woven tapestries
Window on Weaving - an exhibition of woven tapestries



17th to 29th May 2021

Mondays to Saturdays, 10.00am - 5.00pm

Haslemere Educational Museum

78 High St, Haslemere GU27 2LA

The exhibition is organised by BTG SE, and the BTG London Group have been invited to participate. The work exhibited is an expression, both of the diversity of the weavers who created the pieces on display, as well as demonstrating the vast potential of the techniques involved. One of the key factors in bringing the group together has been the nurturing of confidence alongside developing the skills of weaving, and the work on display illustrates confidence and skills in abundance. The exhibition title was chosen to leave maximum scope for interpretation by individual weavers. Only a maximum size was specified.

The works in Window on Weaving illustrate how contemporary tapestry has developed new ways of weaving, but is still underpinned by traditional techniques. Unlike in earlier ages, all the tapestries have been designed and woven by the artists. The range of subjects, from figurative to abstract, allied with the very individual approaches to design and woven tapestry methods will make this an exciting and absorbing visit.

Directions: http://www.haslemeremuseum.co.uk/visit/findus.html

For more information see the exhibitions page or contact Sarah McLean.

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