News: Sound and Weave at Gracefield Art Centre

Sound and Weave at Gracefield Art Centre

Alastair Duncan, one of the artists exhibiting, writes:

While at the opening of the exhibition I was cheeky enough to record the event on my phone and thought afterwards that it might be useful as a record of the event for the BTG archives. As I had already taken photos of the works (just on my phone again) in advance of the opening, it seemed like a good opportunity to extend the video and provide those who couldn't get there to see something of the exhibition. I took the liberty of using existing sound files from my own recordings and those provided for the exhibition, to create a soundscape as a backdrop to the images and I hope this is acceptable - it seemed more sensible to me to do this than to add music, though I guess I could have used the finale from Mahler's Symphony No. 9 as illustrated in Margaret's piece. If it is at all possible for you to view the real work at any of the venues, I highly recommend doing so. The video, as is always the case, does not do it justice and I look forward to seeing it again in Twickenham and Swansea. Alastair Duncan.

Sound and Weave at Gracefield Arts Centre:

Sound and Weave Exhibition (no speeches):

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