Review: Tapestry with PULLED WARP

Tapestry with PULLED WARP (cover)
Tapestry with PULLED WARP (cover)

Inspiration, technique, and the creative process

Author: Susan Iverson

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Illustrated: Full colour illustrations
Date pub: 2024
ISBN: 978-0-7643-6760-1
Reviewer Sally Reckert, April 2024

Susan Iverson is a tapestry artist who has explored the technique of pulled warp for nearly 50 years. However, as she stresses throughout this book, concepts should take precedence over technique; not all her work uses pulled warp.

In her Preface, Iverson describes her “romance with weaving and with pulled warp”. From her tutor, Sherri Smith, at Colorado State University in the early 1970s, Iverson learned “to think deeply about textile structure and the power of taking chances with technique”. Throughout her book, she poses the ‘What if’ question at the end of each project section, encouraging readers to take their own ideas further.

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