News: 'Threads in Sheds' at Whitchurch Silk Mill

‘Twenty Shades of Silk’ (work in progress)  Anne-Kirsti Espenes
‘Twenty Shades of Silk’ (work in progress) Anne-Kirsti Espenes

11th September - 21st November 2021

Whitchurch Silk Mill, 

28 Winchester Road, Whitchurch, Hampshire, RG28 7AL 

Threads in Sheds is our latest exhibition where we  aim to promote woven tapestry as a contemporary art form. 

Thirty Six full members of the British Tapestry Group from all regions and nations of the UK and international members have created new tapestry weavings which reflect the heritage and traditions of weaving and shows contemporary weft faced tapestry weaving at its best and most innovative  including all styles of weaving, figurative, three-dimensional, contemporary and styles we are yet to experience.  

The title “Threads in Sheds” references the technical term in weaving where the weft thread is placed in-between the warp threads as well as the historical building where weaving takes place.  

To reflect the historic silk mill where the exhibition opens all the work includes a significant element of silk.

Due to any ongoing restrictions please see the exhibition venue's website for up to date information about opening times. 

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