Review: Weaving Water, Woven Land

‘Mellon Udrigle’, Siobhan Ratchford. Photo (c) Anna Wetherell
‘Mellon Udrigle’, Siobhan Ratchford. Photo (c) Anna Wetherell

Exhibition hosted by BTG Scottish Region at Farfield Mill, Cumbria from 30 October 2019

Reviewer Margaret Parker

Farfield Mill has several gallery spaces and the BTG exhibition occupied a light, airy room on the second floor with plenty of space to move around, though not quite enough for just sitting and taking in the atmosphere of the weavings. There were lists available of all the tapestries on show and a file of the weaver’s statements, but sadly nothing that a viewer could take away as a reminder of the exhibition.

As I looked around the gallery wondering where to start my attention was drawn to a seascape ‘The wave at Dalmore Bay, Isle of Lewis’ woven by Elizabeth Radcliffe who had noted under its title “As I got weaving, I remember thinking I’m never doing this again!”. Looking closely at how she had expressed the sense of movement and agitation of the water I appreciated her sentiment and skill in the detail that she portrayed. For me it was the highlight of the exhibition.

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