Review: Weaving with Wire - creating woven metal fabric

Weaving with Wire by Christine K. Miller (book cover)
Weaving with Wire by Christine K. Miller (book cover)

Christine K. Miller

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd

Date published:  September, 2023

Full colour illustrations and sketch diagrams 

ISBN: 978-0-7643-37772

Review by: Sally Reckert, September 2023

Christine K. Miller is a weaver, exhibitor and teacher with many years of experience. Her understanding of her subject - metal wire in textiles - comes across on every page. Although this book is primarily aimed at shaft-loom weavers there is a great deal of useful information for artists of all fibre techniques. 

In the contents section Miller writes an overview for each part of the book from Looms, Wire, Yarns and Tools, through instructions for weaving and sculpting metal wire and fabric, and the applications to which the material can be put, to guiding the reader through the artistic thought processes required to create fibre art. For artists with a knowledge of metal-working, Miller describes ways for pairing sheet with woven metal and fabric.

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