Tapestry Weaver - Issue 34


Contents - Issue 34 - September 2023

  • Hello from the Chair - Paulette Furnival
  • Hello from the Editorial Team
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: The European Tapestries of the Burrell Collection - Alison Daykin
  • It ain't over 'til the paperwork's done - Sally Reckert
  • Profiling: What is it and why do it? - Michael Crompton
  • Aubusson: 400 years of tapestry weaving - Ghislaine Bazir
  • Improvising and Designing while Weaving: Silvia Heyden's Legacy - Daniel Heyden
  • Angels in the Garden of Paradise - Robbie LaFleur
  • Crafts Study Centre Archives - Jane Kirby
  • Preserving Intangible Cultural Heritage in Greece - Leslie Fox
  • Exhibition Review: The London Tapestry Group 'Woven Worlds' exhibition - Karen Hiser
  • Exhibition Review: Under the Influence, recent works by Scottish regional members of the British Tapestry Group - Rita Corbett
  • Exhibition Review: John Barry, O Kelly, Sonny and Richard Moore - Michael Armitage's tapestry at the National Portrait Gallery - Jen Gurd
  • Book Review: Magdalena Abakanowicz - Olga Owczarek
  • British Tapestry Group Exhibitions 2023

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