Threads in Sheds


Threads in Sheds was shown at Whitchurch Silk Mill, Hampshire, UK in Autumn 2021, moving to Farfield Mill, Cumbria, UK, in January 2022. The catalogue is an A4, full colour, 50 page, one artist per page publication, including artists statements.

Artists: Joan Baxter, William Jefferies, Anne-Elise Angas, Jackie Bennett, Jane Brunning, Claire Buckley, Eleonora Budden, Elizabeth Chester, Veronica Collins, Alastair Duncan, Anne-Kirsti Espenes, Marilyn Eustice, Irene Evison, Paulette Furnival, Lorna C Goldsmith, Patricia Gow, Penny Howes, Maggie Kateley, Jane Kirby, Robbie LaFleur, Veronica Madden, Lindsey Marshall, Sarah McLean, Jillian Morris, Yoshiko Nakano, Hilary O'Connell, Suzanne Osborn, Christine Paine, Carolyn Perry, Rosemary Reeves, Jane Riley, Jean Roberts, Minna Rothman, Christine Sawyer, Matty Smith, Mike Wallace, Monica Ward, Anna Wetherell.

Information about the Threads in Sheds exhibition can be found in Exhibitions on this website

Price: £8.00

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