Anne-Kirsti Espenes

I had my basic education in tapestry at Edinburgh College of Art where I was a student for two years. A Norwegian grant enabled me to go to West Dean for two months. I have attended short courses by Archie Brennan, Lynne Curran, Joan Baxter and William Jefferies. The influence British tutors have had upon me, makes me feel rather British when it comes to making tapestries.

My wish is to emphasize and aim at the unique quality that makes tapestry different from other art forms. 'Texture' and 'structure' are concepts that describe the tactile and physical solidity that characterizes woven pieces. 'Colour' adds strength to the genuine personal aspect in my work. I start with a simple sketch and an idea. The sketch will never become more than a guide. The idea is realised by putting weft into the warp.

Trondheim, Norway
Open Studio: Saxenborg allé 2
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