Jane Riley


I co run The Weaving Rooms in Darlington alongside artist Becky Sunter where we have our own studio spaces in addition to delivering workshops in weaving, spinning and tapestry.

My subject matter comes from my love of the environment and the natural world. Coastline, woodland, and moors, all rich sources of inspiration. I create a body of work around a theme exploring and developing ideas and images. Currently my work is about seaweed and has me wading out to sea at low tide with my camera and sketchbook scouring rock pools.

When weaving, my passion is to play with textures, colours and blends to create lively surfaces. I love to offset plant, animal and synthetic yarns and fibres sometimes spinning what I need. It is the elements that are exclusive to woven tapestry that excite me, each new piece let's me push and develop my skills and ideas.


The Weaving Rooms - Darlington, N Yorkshire, UK
Instagram: @jane_riley_art
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