Joan Kendall

My cultural heritage is rich and diverse, including African, Amerindian and European traditions, which inspire and inform my pieces. I have been weaving for over 30 years.

Brilliant and bold colour ranges in different fibres are a constant challenge and excitement to me. Works are not planned but emerge from the beauty and richness of the colours and textures of the yarns.

I have always collected objects found on walks and travels, and they are often the central focus of a piece. These natural and manmade objects, often with layers of history embedded in them, are 'recycled' through my pieces.

I rarely use a cartoon, preferring the organic process in which I surrender to the 'energy' of an idea and the senses engage and support the process.

I very much enjoy working with kindred spirits, young and old, who are drawn to weaving and textiles as a medium for their creative expression.

South East London, UK
0777 801 7462
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