Lucy Sugden

A creative at heart, sharing my joy of nature.

Following an education into art was a natural route to take, and I very quickly chose textiles as my subject, specialising in constructed textiles and tapestry weaving for my degree.

Tapestry weaving continues to keep me fascinated, such a simple process but with endless challenges and possibilities. My work often involves both installation and photography, recently I have begun installing my weaving outdoors. My fibre of choice, monofilament, a fibre I can easily collect, repurpose and recycle as most fishing line is a monofilament fibre.

Nature, the natural world and sustainability are important to me. My work is inspired by the beauty of nature, especially the beauty found in the small and delicate that catches my eye while wandering in my garden or when out on a woodland walk.

I work from my garden studio in North Hertfordshire and am a member of The Wynd Gallery in Letchworth, The Eastern Region Textiles Forum and Herts Visual Art. You will regularly find me out and about exhibiting and demonstrating my processes.

North Hertfordshire, UK
07957 462297
Open Studio: You can often find me out and about in Hertfordshire with a loom, please check my website news pages for latest information.
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