Mike Wallace

I work primarily in textiles, both fabric and threads. My work includes tapestry weaving and fabric collages, as well as combining the interest in textiles with another in bookbinding and metal.

I enjoy experimenting with colour and texture, and textiles are an ideal medium for this. I find real opportunities in combining different media, such as the contrast of hard cold metal with soft threads and fabric or incorporating found objects (from skips, beaches, walking etc). There are special challenges in combining different disciplines which provide great satisfaction when they work…….

I take inspiration from both geometric forms with their inherent symmetry, and also from the more irregular shapes, textures and colours of the environment around us.

My work with textiles and threads is a million miles (or stitches and wefts) from my work in industry and as an accountant. It has opened my eyes and mind to the world around us, and I now see both details and bigger pictures that I was previously not aware of.

Do come and visit if you are in the area: Petersfield, Hampshire

Hampshire, UK
01730 233718
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