Sofia Billett

I am an amateur tapestry weaver based in Edinburgh, UK. My work focuses mainly on reinterpreting landscapes that inspire me and places I love, with the aim of expressing a strong sense of perspective and movement. In tapestry weaving, I am attracted to the steady, thoughtful pace of constructing a woven piece in a space where there was nothing before and to develop texture, depth and colour. 

My tapestries have been selected for the Cordis Tapestry Showcase Exhibitions in Edinburgh for three years running: in 2017- “Still Life” and “Alfama Roofs”, in 2018 - “Village Bay Green” and in 2019 - “Contour Vines”. My tapestry "Autumn in the Flow Country peatlands" was selected for the invitational tapestry exhibition "Colour" from Tapestry Touring International in 2020 and was a finalist in the 2021 Irene Davies Emerging Artist Award for Small Tapestries (ATW). I also contributed to the Physic Garden Group-work, which was a large collaborative woven tapestry piece, celebrating the origins of the Botanic Gardens as a Physic Garden in Edinburgh.

Instagram account: @sofiabillett


Edinburgh, Scotland
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