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I learned to weave at night class, taught by Archie Brennan and Maureen Hodge at ECA,
whilst working at the Dovecot as a screen printer.
I then went to Edinburgh College of Art to study tapestry.

Inspired by the patterns of nature,especially around animal eyes,
I have woven a series recently, mainly cats and big cats.

Having found the Ashley Book of Knots at college, I have been working over the years
to explore the sculptural quality of tying knots in woven strips.

I have always been interested in clothes and fabric and especially how they look on the human body.
I weave figures using the way that the clothes drape and fall to make them look three dimensional
and the technique that I use to finish them make them free standing.

I use all sorts of materials and enjoy the techniqes of weaving very much indeed whether the pieces
are life sized or miniature in scale.