Eleonora Budden


A challenge is my inspiration. I often have ideas quite ‘outside the box’. At first, I tried to take on something new or different in every project. Then, as I discovered a theme to my work, I began to develop a more planned approach. I have always made samplers, not just for colours, but ideas. Some of these I treasure just as much as the larger project.

Most of my work until recently had been figurative. I like to think my fingers are telling a story as they weave the different colour threads into a picture. In 'The Lights' I start to abstract the essence of the story using colour blending and transparency techniques to convey a sense of reverberating lights and shadows. Then, with the Chroma series I went on to play with the way colours change and morph; the colours were telling me their own story.

In the next chapter I explored abstraction with the Chroma series. Now I am taking storytelling to a new level, mixing figurative with abstract.


Bedfont, London, UK
Open Studio: I welcome visitors interested in tapestry weaving, by appointment only.
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