Rhythm of the Weave


Rhythm of the Weave is a full colour A5, 38 page catalogue with a page per tapestry.

Artists: Aruna Reddy, Jan Kinsman, Barb Cove, Lindsay Marshall, Christine Paine, Maggie Ayling, Christine Tainsh, Maggie Kateley, Claire Buckley, Marie-Thurmette Brichard, Clare Coyle, Mike Wallace, Irene Cockett, Monica Ward, Eleonora Budden, Patricia Gow, Hilary O’Connell, Paula Armstrong, Irene Evison, Sally Reckert, Jackie Bennett, Soon Yul Kang, Jane Riley, Veronica Collins, Jane Walkley.

Rhythm of the Weave exhibition information can be seen in Past Exhibitions on this website.

Rhythm of the Weave online exhibition can be seen at the BTG Woven Art website

Price: £3.00

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