Woven Threads


Woven Threads Catalogue is a full colour A4, 32 page catalogue.

Artists: Cos Ahmet; Joan Baxter; Margaret Appa; Mike Wallace; Tricia Warman; Anniette Beaucamp; Ros Bryant; Jackie Bennett; Emma Hibbert; Alison Carthy; Claire Buckley; Barbara Burns; Janet Clark; Don Burns; Elizabeth Chester; Veronica Collins; Beryl Hammill; Elaine Duncan; Jane Freear-Wyld; Soon Yul Kang; Karen Garwood-Young; Victoria Green; Diane Hay; Joan-Eytie Kendall; Pilar O'Prey; Jenny Lacey; Maximo Lauro; Deborah Leeke; Hillu Liebelt; Yoshiko Nakano; Christine Paine; Jeanne Llewellyn; Ingrid Sixsmith; Tim Oelman; Louise Oppenheimer; Caroline Reali; Christine Sawyer; Matty Smith; Lin Squires; Terri Stewart; Linda Wallace; John Brennan; Shirley Ross; Lou Lou Morris

Woven Threads exhibition information can be seen in Past Exhibitions on this website.

Price: £2.00

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