Elizabeth Radcliffe

I learned to weave at night class, taught by Archie Brennan and Maureen Hodge at ECA, whilst working at the Dovecot as a screen printer. I then went to Edinburgh College of Art to study tapestry.

Inspired by the patterns of nature,especially around animal eyes, I have woven a series recently, mainly cats and big cats.

Having found the Ashley Book of Knots at college, I have been working over the years to explore the sculptural quality of tying knots in woven strips.

I have always been interested in clothes and fabric and especially how they look on the human body. I weave figures using the way that the clothes drape and fall to make them look three dimensional and the technique that I use to finish them make them free standing.

I use all sorts of materials and enjoy the techniques of weaving very much indeed whether the pieces are life sized or miniature in scale.

Midlothian, UK
0131 553 7772
Open Studio: 3A/1, Queen Charlotte Lane
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