Kate Gill

Prior to Kate’s training and subsequent career in textile conservation, she graduated with a BA(Hons) in Fashion and Textiles from Manchester Polytechnic, specializing in printed, woven and embroidered textiles. When she stepped down as a practicing conservator in 2023, it allowed her to focus on her weaving. Her pictorial weavings are small scale, currently within the range of 5.50 cm and 15.00 cm. They comprise fine linen wefts on linen warps. She works with single threads, rather than a blend of dyed ones. To enrich depth within the woven panel, subtle merging of tones within short lengths of a single weft thread is necessary. To achieve this, she prepares small, undyed skeins and in such a way as to prevent an even take up of colour in the dye bath. 

Hampshire, UK
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