Line Dufour

Tapestry weaving remains the foundation of all my artistic explorations because one can do things that cannot be done in painting. Though many of my tapestries continue to adhere to the traditional methods of tapestry weaving, I use it as a platform to push tapestry beyond prescribed boundaries and play with how the tapestry's image plane occupies space in various ways. For the last decade, my work has addressed social and environmental issues, as well as community building initiatives.

I've exhibited internationally, including at the National University of Ireland, the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing, and the American Textile Museum in Lowell Massachusetts. My tapestries can be found in private collections, including several commissions. Various publications, including Tapestry by Barty Phillips, published by published by Phaidon Press, as well at the recently released, the Art is the Cloth by Micala Sidore, have featured my work.

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
01 416 333 4227
Open Studio: Quebec, Quebec, Canada
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