Liz Chester

I learned to weave tapestry in 1980 with the Lyth Tapestry Weavers in Caithness in Scotland (now defunct) as part of a community project. After this initial learning I was keen to continue and attended further lessons provided by the Edinburgh Guild of Spinners Weavers and Dyers. I spent a summer weaving in a tourist craft shop in Edinburgh, selling my work and decided not to pursue a career in weaving. I studied engineering at university and started working in the IT profession in Ipswich, Suffolk. Weaving became my passionate hobby. Having worked in IT for 21 years I took redundancy in December 2007.

I have been a self-employed, professional tapestry weaver since April 2008. I teach occasional weaving courses and give talks and presentations about tapestry weaving to interested groups. I am a member of the Suffolk Craft Society, the British Tapestry Group, the Textile Art Group of Suffolk (TAGS) and the Eastern Region Textile Forum (ERTF). I have exhibited in juried exhibitions locally, in the UK and the USA and have produced commissioned work for customers in the UK and Norway.

My work is to my own design, graphic in nature and currently of domestic size. Tapestry weaving is a very slow art form where the making is part of the creative process and has to be a pleasure in its own right. I choose to produce my artwork in woven tapestry because I love the medium for its texture and colour. It also gives me enormous pleasure in its production. The sense of creating something where previously there was nothing is a source of great satisfaction to anyone who likes to make. The fact that tapestry is so slow to produce also gives some incentive to make it worth your while and to make something worth looking at. I hope to make something worth looking at.

Suffolk, UK
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