Stephanie Edwards

Textiles and weaving had been a core element of my life since childhood although the pathways to expression have been varied.

For the last 25 years I've focused more and more on weaving and Woven Tapestry in particular; the themes I am drawn to are wide-ranging and various but often relate to a fascination with colour, light, detail, and distortion.  I also include elements of symbolism or oblique views and macro details of natural formations.

More recently I've begun to reflect on other elements such as tapestry being a means of social observation and statement, influenced in part by my other 'job' as a social worker.

Aside from the pictorial aspect of the imagery I also enjoy the textural effects that are achievable through specific techniques unique to woven tapestry. Tapestry as a medium has the capacity to be both two and three-dimensional; to incorporate both traditional and innovative materials in its construction - texture and pattern form a language in their own right. 

Hertfordshire, UK
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